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Cardboard box 1600 cards

Cardboard box 1600 cards



  • Material: cardboard
  • Contains: 1600 cards

We offer cardboard boxes containing very useful collection cards for the storage, presentation and even handling of your collection cards.
If you now have a great number of collectible cards, even if you keep them in protective foils or card sleeves, you are not going to be able to quickly find the one you are looking for.

The boxes containing collector cards allow you to protect your collection from dust and to organize them well to quickly find the one you are looking for.
With a box containing collection cards, you will be able to group all your cards in one place.

Our models that we offer allow you to group 1600 cards and more into a single box.

This will make it easier for you to manage your collection. If you find that you are starting to have a lot of gaming or sports cards all over the place. Opt for a box containing collector cards to organize and store them in one place.

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