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Pristine Top Loader delivers your purchases of card protectors or cardboard containers anywhere in Canada.

We make your purchase of card protectors easier by offering you the delivery service to the mailing address of your choice thanks to the service provided by CANADA POST across Canada.

Fast delivery

Card guards and card containing cards are two essential accessories

to start a card collection

If you are starting to take an interest in card collections and you are starting to handle, organize and store multiple collectible cards, then now is the time to get some good quality card protectors to help you better protect and store your favourite cards.

The collection cards are quickly damaged following their handling or storage. Since these are made of heavyweight card stock, and sometimes have a reflective facet, their ends and corners can quickly become damaged.

It is not recommended to keep them in humid environments, or to leave them in sunlight and especially to tie them with an elastic. In order to keep your collection cards in their original condition over several years and to preserve their fair value over time, it is advisable to store them and keep them in card or cardboard protectors containing collection cards.